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Hiring a professional copyeditor to help with your university level paper is a really good idea. Having a seasoned editor to go over your writing will also pay huge dividends. At Superior Editing Services, I have the experience needed to refine your work before submission—saving you frustration, and winning you accolades. As every piece of writing is different, I encourage you to reach out to me for pricing. Find out more today and I look forward to working with you!

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Dr. Jules of Superior Editing Services of Camano Island, Washington, reads and edits your writing, including dissertations, theses, novels, and journal articles.

As the founder and sole proprietor of Superior Editing Services, she began editing academic papers in 2008. Since then, she has published two books to assist masters and doctoral students write dissertations and theses.

Her First book is titled, Keep it Simple, Scholars!: A Basic Guide for Writing and Editing Dissertations and Theses

If you've ever struggled to understand the elements and content of a dissertation or thesis you need her services and you also need this book. 

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Her second book is titled, Keep it Simple, Scholars! Volume2: Outlining the Elements of the Dissertation Step-by-Step.

This book helps scholars outline a dissertation, from Chapter 1 through Chapter 5! The more you can learn about the dissertation and thesis writing process, the more successful you can be on your journey!


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