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At Superior Editing Services of Camano Island, Washington, Dr. Jules works with you in a timely manner to complete your editorial needs for academic submisions. Please contact Dr. Jules directly to inquire about editing and formatting fees.

Terms of Payment

Invoices are sent within 24 hours of receipt of your paper and fees are due immediately.  All fees are non-negotiable. No refunds are provided after the first initial fully edited draft of your document is provided to you.


Please contact me to be placed on my calendar at least two weeks before your paper is due for submission. My calendar fills up quickly and there are usually no immediate openings available.

You may ask to be placed on a waiting list and could be called if another client missed their submission deadline for assistance. Missed deadlines will result in having to take the next available date on my calendar without exceptions.


Additional fees may be incurred for extensive changes to an already edited document. Such fees are charged on an individual basis.

Superior Editing Services reserves the right to decline to work on a paper, or charge an additional fee, if more than two months have elapsed with no communication from a client, or if a paper is not ready for editing at the time it is submitted.

You may expect a turnaround time of five to seven days for a first draft edited version of a paper. This may change based on the number of pages submitted and documents already in the queue.

As a prospective client, you may submit three pages of material for a trial review of editing or academic writing review at no charge, and with no obligation. I specialize in comprehensive academic writing and tutorial services for academic authors. Get personal and effective help with:

• Punctuation • Flow • Grammar • Spelling
• Anthropomorphism • Noun-Verb Agreement • Passive/Future Tense


I ONLY edit in APA 7th Style format. This is the most commonly used writing stylefor dissertations, theses, and journal publications, as well as easy for private authors.