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About Us

The company's founder is Dr. Julie Conzelmann. She earned her doctoral degree in management, specializing in organizational leadership, from the University of Phoenix and her copyeditor certification from the University of California, San Diego. She has helped organizational leaders, students, and novelists with writing and editing for the past 30 years. She is an author, mother, learner, and a leader in management. As a provider of professional academic and private author editing services, she takes pride in offering the best editing and formatting services at affordable rates. She is dedicated to serving the needs of her customers each and every day.

Dr. Julie Conzelmann


• Copyediting certification from the University of California, San Diego Extension in 2015
• Doctor Of Management In Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix in 2012
• Masters Of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix in 2008
• Bachelor Of Arts In Business Management/Human Resources from Saint Leo University in 2007
• Associates Degree In Liberal Arts from Saint Leo University in 2005

Editing Experience

In addition to more than 11 years of higher education which included at least 300 academic papers written in APA, Julie was a rule writer in a leadership role with the State of Arizona for more than four years. The ability to write rules and statutes is a difficult task, and requires near-perfect editing abilities. Part of her duties included transcribing minutes of board meetings including the legislative review board meetings. Additionally, she has assisted over 2,000 students since 2008 with writing and editing, and volunteered at Bellingham Technical College as a writing and statistics tutor and exam proctor in 2011.


Your information will not be shared or sold to any entity and is used solely for the purpose of conducting business. Any documents or emails sent between you and Superior Editing Services will be kept for 120 days from the date you notify us that our contract for services is complete. We will provide you with a signed, non-disclosure agreement at your request.


Superior Editing Services is unable to assist you with the review and revision of any statistical analysis. However, we will provide you with references for statistical assistance at your request.


Superior Editing Services uses tracked changes in Word to suggest changes you need to make to your document. It is unethical for us to make any content changes to your document, especially if it changes the tone or meaning of your discussion.

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By submitting your paper for editing, we assume that you are aware of the consequences of plagiarism. We provide guidance and note items where citations are required. It is your responsibility to make the corrections and give proper credit to those from whom you cite.

Imperfection Disclaimer

While every attempt will be made to identify errors, there is always room for errors and omissions on the part of the editor. The responsibility for accuracy and inclusion of all elements in any writing project are solely the responsibility of the author and committee members (for students).