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Dr. Jules! I haven't forgotten you. I wanted to compete everything and it is done. I'm now Dr. Bruce Burris. The paper was great and you were great and the Orals were ok, thanks so much. The paper was the best ever! ~ Dr. Bruce Burris, Psy.D., California Southern Univeristy 2021

Goodmorning Dr. Jules,
I want to thank you for working with me on my dissertation. I pass my dissertation defense.  I am all done.  Thank you! ~ Dr. Glendon Morales, Psy.D., California Southern Univeristy 2021

Dr. Julie Conzelmann....
This is surreal...Received doc publications approval with minor changes..My mentor said this is "BIG"..and almost never happens on the 1st try.....
My defense date is next week??? Before connecting with you I was at the threshold of quitting and almost financially destitute....
I just keep hearing you say... #GETITDONE???  Listen!!! Scholars if you need authentic guidance to get it done..get on her calendar??
OMG????  ~ Dr. Shawnee Ward, PhD, Capella University 2020

Huge Thank You ? to Dr. Jules Julie Conzelmann for her amazing support and editing expertise helping me meet my deadline to turn in my Prospectus (chapters 1-3, references, appendices, tables, figures..).... in proper APA-7 format per my university’s ”unique” requirements. Her support was worth every penny ~ Michelle Boulanger Thompson, Virginia Commonwealth University, PhDc, 2020

Truly grateful to you, Julie Conzelmann, for your significant role in bringing it to fruition. Much appreciation Dr. Jules!!!! ~ Dr. Cheyrl Stephenson, PhD, Capella Univeristy, 2020

Recieved Dean's approval on a Sunday. I am officially Dr. Jacquilin A. Porter. I can't thank Dr. Julie Conzelmann enough. ~ Dr. Jacquilin Porter, PhD, Capella University, 2020

This was a tedious process and appreciate the effort you have taken to ensure the final document represents scholarly work. ~ Dr. Hope Shaw, DNP, Barry University, 2019

Dr. Julie Conzelmann is one of the best editors I have come across on many levels. She edited a peer-review article of mine that was accepted for publication. I thought I had done a good job on it until Julie got ahold of it and was so grateful that she did! Her attention to detail is impeccable which is what was needed! I recommend Julie whenever I can for doctoral students who need to have their dissertations scrubbed. I will also be using Julie to edit my next book! ~ Dr. Kristine Quade, JD, EdD, Faculty, GCU

I had initially worked with another editor. After over two months and literally thousands of dollars, my dissertation still wasn't finished. Thank heaven I found Dr. Jules! Within a matter of a couple of weeks the entire project was complete and I was able to submit my dissertation for final approval. Her work was of the highest quality and she charged far less for the entire project than the other editor had charged for just the "first phase." Unfortunately, I've learned that in this business there are people out there who will take advantage of graduate students who have never been through this process before. Thankfully, there's also Dr. Jules - a professional with integrity, ethics, quality, and efficiency. I highly recommend Dr. Jules! ~ V. Perot, Grand Canyon University

Dr. Conzelmann is a highly professional individual and knows the dissertation requirements for the University of Phoenix. I highly recommend Dr. Jules as an editor. She did an excellent job with my dissertation demonstrating her expertise. She knows APA 6th edition format like the back of her hand. I was doing my own editing and was not accomplishing an approval. When I decided to use an editor I was looking for someone who would get me through the QRF process as soon as possible, and she did it. I was approved on the first try with Dr. Conzelmann. I am grateful of her patience and tolerance with me. Her support was unconditional. Thank you Dr. Conzelmann. ~ R. Melendez, EdD/IC, University of Phoenix

Without you as my editor I know I would not be this close to submission. All I can say to anyone reading this: If you want the best editor in the world, and I do mean the world, without paying a lot you need to hire Julie Conzelmann! ~ T. Harvey, University of Phoenix